Client Appreciation

– Please join me in Congratulating Ranjit Gill of CV, Siji Mathew of SARAL, Nitin Y and his team members of PAMAC, Credit, Operations team of Pune branch and Ketan Dave of Loan Processing Unit team for their wonderful FPT performance in March 13.

– Well done for the marked improvement in FPT . Keep it up !!! Thanks to all LMHs for driving this initiative.

– Well Done Jayesh & Team for the stupendous performance in February ..!! Thanks all for the co-operation extended to the team.”

– Prashant, Deepak has really made the value addition with formulation of Dynamic TAT in xls. This will surely help in monitoring TAT in " Dynamic Hours" His Devotion towards culmination of work, persistence is really a note to take a cognizance!!! Deepak, Really a Moment to cherish for you !!!!!!!!! PS for Deepak : One very minute aberration - Lets purify the same.

– I am pleased to share PDC, Auto debit and ECS accuracy report for the month of Jan’13. The report published by HO shows that We processed ~ 6712 PDC/ ECS/ AD in Jan’13 and achieved 100% accuracy across all 47 branches. Congratulations to entire Team for achieving this rare milestone of ZERO error. Our special Thanks to Mr. Mandar and PDC factory team at HO for superb support and guidance to branches in controlling these errors.

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– On behalf of the rest of the management team, I want to tell you how much we appreciate the endless hours of service you dedicated to completed our sales target on time. We all admired your ingenuity in creating that outstanding efforts and timely Corporation. I was personally impressed with the way you kept your staff motivated and focused, even in the face of several obstacles. Thank you for valuable efforts that you put in, expected the same for this month as well.

– We appreciate your efforts in converting maximum no of leads,Your Ahmedabad team has done a tremendous job with your Great support. Again congratulation to your team and thank you for providing us a great support. Required same supports in future also have a great financial year ahead. Thanks!! Again to Ashish / Sharda you have supported us to co-ordinate with the client to collect the renewal.

– I heartiest appreciate your afford for closing below check on modest time.

– Whoever did the physical site visit for WWICS case, Manjit Kaur has done a fantastic job in probing and getting some critical inputs. Please pass on my appreciation to the auditor who did the field visit. We appreciate the quality that we are deriving from this. Keep it up.

– Dear Ragavan, We have received communication from our ODC team cases processed on 21st not uploaded in the ODC system due to technical issue, we have requested Rajaji to process both the day’s volume in a single day. We need to bring this to your presence, really a stunning effort from Chennai team in getting 2 days volume processed within a short span. Kindly deliver our sincere thanks to all the staffs who involved in processing yesterday’s cheques in FINODC system.

– This is really a tremendous effect from PAMAC Chennai team, they have processed nearly 3660 cases in a single day. Great to see such a huge number of cheques processed in the ODC system within a day this is purely a team work. Thanks for the brilliant effort made by Mr. Rajaji and Team who had done a fabulous work within the TAT. We need your extended support to be continued in future

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