Business Verticals: Credit Processing & Appraisals

Credit Processing & Appraisals (CPA)

CPA is one of the verticals where we provide the End to End services for Credit and Operations activity for various Retail Assets Products of Banking and Non Banking Sectors. Various product where we offer our services viz. Personal loan, Business loan, Auto loan, Education loan, TW loan, Loan Against property / Mortgage Loan, Commercial Vehicle & Home loan. We are flexible to execute the operations either from Client premises or PAMAC premises.


Subsection of Activity we provide in brief:

  • Login and documents check
  • Discrepancy resolution with sales support
  • Preparation of Credit Approval Memo as per policy
  • Bank statement analysis, data updation in CRM with initiation of required other checks
  • For Operation related activity, we health checks of PDC/ECS and Agreements by preparing Disbursal Memo/Voucher

For comprehensive products viz. Business loan, Mortgage loan, we assess the Financials for deriving various ratios required for credit decision by client’s underwriting team.

We provide the booking activity in SAP for clients where SAP is being implemented.


Below are New Avenues implemented recently meeting Business exigencies:

I. Implementation of Image based processing from central/regional location

  • This has reduced the End to End processing time
  • This has helped our esteem client penetrating interior Geographies
  • With this implementation there is no local level setup required for processing and underwriting thus, improving the efficiency of teams

II. Implementation CPA desk at clients Business points

  • This has helped creating the multiple Business points for client, thus increasing the Business opportunity
  • Along with trained manpower we provide loaded workstation that includes PC with internet connectivity and scanner for movement of document through web medium
  • Thus helping clients products are preferred by prospects at these Business point and faster processing time

III. Personal Discussion of Business and SME Loans

  • We provide the End to End support for SME loans, by visiting their existing and prospective sites
  • We do assessment of SME through various parameters viz. Financial risk, Management information, Creditor and Debtors’ information, neighbourhood feedback and promoters details
  • Financial analysis and Management of this activity is done centrally which has helped our esteem client in consolidation of report and one point contact for coordination


PAMAC’s Unique Edge - CPA Vertical

  • Option to have dedicated processing facilities across cities for individual Clients
  • Covering vast Geographical Network across India & UAE
  • Uniformity in processes and output across centers
  • Emphasis on continuous quality improvement and Training of resources
  • Uniform Rates on Pan India Basis
  • Qualifies & Experience Management personal at Regional & Local Level