Business Verticals: Fraud & Risk Control

Fraud & Risk Control Unit (FRC)


Activities conducted under PFRC unit are as below

Employee Background Check

I. Address Check

  • We visit the stated address and verify whether candidate is staying there. Details are confirmed through the neighbours and contacted person of the stated address

II. Education Check

  • We verify the same through direct contact with the authorized person/s in the student records department of the relevant educational institutions

III. Employment check

  • We check duration of work, Designation, Salary, Reason of Exit, and any breach of contract been done by candidate. We verify this information form HR unit / reporting authority of the particular Company where candidate was employed previously

IV. Reference Check

  • We contact to the references provided and check the genuinely/ Integrity/ social background of the candidate

V. Criminal Background Check

  • We verify the presence or absence of any criminal records through the police station whose jurisdiction the stated address of the candidate comes under

VI. Global Database Check

  • We identify any sanctions, debarments, disciplinary records and compliance violations (India / Global) through Data Base

VII. Drug Test

  • We visit client premises to collect the required samples and check for the presence of the specified drugs. The findings are corroborated with a report from the laboratory


RCU Services

I. Screening & Sampling Process

  • This is Pre – Sanction activity done for Various Retail loan products and in this we do screening of 100% files logged in, and look for any subspecies documents / profile. We collect the samples of those documents up to prescribed percentage of logged in files for Verification and detailed report with findings is submitted in agreed Turnaround time

II. Document Verification

  • We verify the authenticity of KYC / Income and other documents with the issuing authorities which could be the registrar, the hospital, Passport office and other concerned authorities and highlight any mismatch or discrepancy detected (during verification) between the details mentioned on document and that found in the authority

Seeding & Mystery shopping

Seeding & Mystery Shopping is an activity conducted to check

  • Customer identification process followed by respective Units / Associates
  • Apparatus, equipment and infrastructure employed for conducting Activities
  • Sacrosanctity of services and approach, process being conducted by Units / Associates

Dealer Stockyard Audit

  • Dealer Stockyard Audit is an activity conducted to check
  • To identify or Analyze the Utilization of Funding done by Bank’s / Financial Institute to Dealer’s for their working Capital
  • Analysis & Tracking of physical stock available at stockyard, stock in transit and sold Stock
  • Re-finance for new additional stock


  • Investigation is a Desk check & field check conducted to find out  
  • Correctness of Documents or Information Provided by any Applicant
  • Checking of his background & Involvement in political/illegal activity
  • Cross checking his criminal background
  • Checking of relationship with business associates of Customer
  • Checking of his Lifestyle with connection to his monthly earning
  • Previous Employer Feedback checking on his integrity


PAMAC’s Unique Edge - FRC Vertical

  • Covering vast Geographical Network across India & UAE
  • PAMAC makes dedicated efforts to find out the new contact details of
  • Skip customers and pass on the information to principle to facilitate collections
  • Our PAN India spread and huge data base of Credit card and Loan
  • Applicants help us to give better strike rate than any other agency
  • Good contacts with Government Authorities / Organizations to carryout
  • Investigations which ensure higher success ratio
  • Centralized Unit gives the benefits of one point contact
  • Organization structure to ensure quality and timely results
  • Time and Cost Effective Solutions